Medical expert team

With regard to the development, research and clinical procedure of SwingMed treatments, TKH-Medical, the manufacturer of SWiNGMED, closely cooperates with an experienced team of medical experts, consisting among others of the doctors listed below.

Both patients and users are welcome to ask their questions by contacting the medical department at TKH-Medical’s per phone or email.  

Senior consultant Dr. Ferdinand Gundolf

Private practice in Kufstein

phone.: +43 (0) 5372 634 72

University professor Dr. Erich Mur

Physiatrist and rheumatologist

Medical University of Innsbruck and the Tyrolean UMIT University in Hall in Tirol 

Tel.: +43 (0)699 17 958 800

Dr. Maurizio Garoscio

Orthopaedist in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy
Responsible for: Italy

phone.: +39 0 474 55 08 27

Dr. Angelika Forster

phone: +43-1-68009-9434
fax: +43-1-68009-9089